Thunder Skyfire



Thunder is a bit of a late bloomer, but will grow and fill out into a very nice looking gelding.  Even through the awkward stage, you can see he will have a nice hip. His sire was 15.3-16h and  dam is 14.3h, so he is going to have some size. As far as straight speed is concerned, he is the fastest of the group.  Not short on talent either.  He needs a little time to grow and he should mature with a build like his full brother (last picture).  He has had ground work and been saddled. Currently stands at 13.3h, should mature at least 14.3h.  He has an old wire cut on his neck under his mane that had stitches as a foal.  You can barely even tell as hair has grown over, but you can feel where it was when you rub it.  It is totally hidden by his mane and not visible unless you are looking for it.

UTD on everything and NO bad habits.

Sire: Berry Skyfire 7616