Strait To The Sky “Strait” is just one of those horses. From the day he was born, Jason has talked about his talent and build. He is a deep pretty red color with plenty of chrome. Strait has the talent, ability, & mind to go to top levels in any cow events. He’s going to be a great size (15h at least) and thick and strong. He has always been very easy to be around and took a saddle like it was just another day. No fuss at all. I promise this is as cheap as he will ever be. Very trainable, good personality. His sire is Mr. Skyduster and he is out of a mare that has made nothing but horses that work hard and win $. First several rides went off without a hitch, no hump, no issue. No wolf teeth have come through, so will need to check him again at some point.

Just a short clip of Strait being unsaddled on day 2.