Lightening Bars



Don't let this gelding's current slightly gangly stage fool you, he could be the most talented one.  His sire was 15.3-16h and  dam is 15h, so he is going to have some size.  The males by this sire grow until they are 4 1/2 or 5 years old.  So he will be growing for a while longer. Lightening has shown a lot of talent, athleticism, and willingness to learn.  He also works hard to please and has a sweet personality. He could go very far in a lot of areas, I'd hate to pigeon hole him.   Currently stands at 14.1h. No bad habits.

He had 5 rides in August, then we turned all the 2 year olds out for 6 weeks as we had 3 big shows and were gone a lot.  He is currently back up at the barn and had another 3 rides.  He is back in training and picking up things very quickly.  Do not expect the price to stay where it is very long. Better current pictures will be taken soon, cell phone pictures don't do him justice.

Sire: Berry Skyfire 7616 - info under breeding operation.