Cats Lucky June "June" is an athletic and striking black rabicano filly.   Quick footed and we expect her to mature to 14.3hh.  Both her dam and sire are thick with great bone, so we expect her to be just as thick.   Absolutely loaded with talent, very trainable, will be stingy, gritty, and very cowy.  Watch all her videos to the end.  You won't be disappointed.   Her sire is Cats Royal Boon, she is out of our good black foundation mare. Pasture pictures (I know, not optimal, but with weather I figured better than nothing) taken 10/24, the rest taken early August 2018. Saddle video taken 10/21, the rest early August. She has been saddled several times now. Jason has taken his time to give her a very strong foundation. Needs checked for wolf teeth, only one we missed writing down (sorry!)  


Video from day 2 of saddling. She was already unsaddled when I got to the barn, so Jason quickly did it again for me to video this part of the process. Apologize for the low quality cell phone video. It’s all I had with me that day.

This video shows how this girl moves (she's got it!!) and some of her flare.  It also shows her getting rewarded for a good work and a bit of round pen.  Please watch both videos.

This video is of June on the the trail course.  We use it to help our young horses move their bodies and learn where to put their feet.  It is a process, so not perfect. They learn trust and respect.  This video combined with the other one will give you a full June picture.