Cats Foxie "Martina" is going to make someone a seriously nice Versatility, SHOT, ARHA, or non-pro Cow Horse prospect.  Huge hip, great moves, and a flashy rabicano to boot.  Very trainable, once she learns something, she will give it to you every time. Her sire is Cats Royal Boon.  “Martina" was registered as a chestnut but her mane, tail, and points are getting darker and she is looking pretty bay to me now. I added a couple foal pics so you can see how much her color has changed. The 1st 6 pictures were taken 9/29. The last picture and all but the saddle video were taken in early August. Don’t expect her price to stay this low for long. She was saddled 10/22 and took it very well. She should train nicely and the finished product will be exciting!! Both wolf teeth were pulled.



4 videos of Martina!!

Just a short video to show some of her 2nd day carrying a saddle. Taken October 22.

This video is of Martina in the big arena moving around with Jason working her.  I could have made this video 20 minutes long.  It is a huge testament to the good mind and ability this girl has!  Also shows a side of Jason that is hard to get into videos.  ENJOY!!!  This video combined with the 2 others one will give you a full Martina picture. 

This video is of Martina on the the trail course.  We use it to help our young horses move their bodies and learn where to put their feet.  It is a process, so not perfect. They learn trust and respect.  


The last Martina video is her in the round pen.  She has all the pieces to make someone a great prospect.