AQHA Foundation Broodmares

We only have 2 mares left.  If they are still here in March, we will be breeding them back to one of our studs.


We have to cut down the breeding operation a little since we took over the cattle end of the ranch this Spring.  Our loss is your gain.  All these mares were born and raised here on our ranch. They have all given us very nice babies.  They are all sound, in good health, have good size and bone and are easy breeders/good mothers.  All of them have good hard feet and great teeth, low maintenance easy keepers, just what you would expect from foundation mares. There is one maiden mare in this bunch, but she is top caliber and only 7 years old. No past injuries or issues.

  They are perfect for breeders that are looking to add some size and good bone to their cow/ranch program. They make great out crosses on modern cow horse/cutting studs, Pitzer bred studs, & Hancock/Blue Valentine bred studs.  Siblings and babies of these mares have been very talented, cowy, and had good natural stops.  None of these mares are broke to ride.  All the mares are currently OPEN.  All are AQHA DNA Verified (except the maiden, but the kit has been ordered).

We have a ranch breeding program so our mares are both bred and foal out at pasture.    They all halter, tie, lead, and trailer, and have had all appropriate vaccinations/worming.

Their foals make good performance horses in many areas (cow horse, rope, ranch, versatility, pretty much anything cattle related). They mature to 14.2-15.1 and are stout with good bone and nice builds. 

The sire of 4 of the 5 is Berry Skyfire 7616 (Sky High Leo x Prairie Fire Sioux (x Flying X 6)), he was our good good ranch stud that Jason bought off the Kreb's Ranch as a yearling.  He stood 15.3, bay roan, and was extremely cowy and talented.  He was a huge asset to us not just as a sire, but our go to ranch horse as well. His get are spread all across the country and have had success in just about every area.  Very very versatile and athletic. He was 99.42% Foundation.

Prices are on each individual mare,  just click the photos below to go to her page. They are priced for quick sale and will give you the ability to quickly make your money back.  We would love to see them go to programs that breed ranch or performance horses, they will fit into either very well. Please feel free to call Jason with questions.  We will put packages together.   None of these mares have been 5 panel tested, but we have tested others of these lines and everything has come back 5 panel N/N.  Please let me know if you have any questions about it. 

We do offer discounted breedings to our studs for any of these broodmares. Call or email for details.  We are currently scheduling for Spring 2018.


2005 AQHA Red Roan Mare - $850

2005 AQHA Red Roan Mare - $850













SOLD: 2003 AQHA Bay Mare and 2017 Bay Colt


SOLD: 2005 AQHA Bay Mare and 2017 Bay Filly