Perry Quarter Horses Breeding Program

The bloodlines have changed a little over the years as we work in new stallions, but Don and Jason have always been careful to keep the best possible mix of newer and quality foundation cow working Quarter Horse lines. 

 When it comes time to pick out your next horse, give some thought to the qualities that will keep you happy & save you money for the long haul.  We breed for those same qualities. Our top priority is breeding horses with good genetics. This gives us high level performance caliber talent & ability, good minds, work ethic, low maintenance teeth & hooves, strong thick bone structure, horses that will last. Throw in some color and quintessential QH good looks and there you go!  

We enjoy offering horses that are a little different than the mainstream.  The market can use some top quality yet cost conscience prospects. Our ambition is provide our customers talented, strong, sane horses that they can use, show, & enjoy for many many years. We never compromise on our standards and always prioritise quality over quantity.

All are/can be double registered with foundation AQHA organizations & are nominated/eligible for AQHA's Ranching Heritage Breeders Challenges. Everything we have tested to date has been 5 panel N/N (mares and studs both)

We breed between 15-20 of our personal mares. Most of them were born and raised here on the ranch and have bloodlines going back to Doc O’ Lena, Ranch Colonel, Sky High Leo, and Flying X Six.  Some of our best broodmares are also our best show and ranch horses.

PQH Stallions:

We plan to stand them to the public in 2020. For more info email CJ

CATS ROYAL BOON: 2009 AQHA Black Rabicano Stallion



Cats Royal Boon is a 2009 AQHA black rabicano stallion. He is talented, good minded, athletic, and an absolute charmer to be around. He is a money &/or point earner in Working & Reined Cow Horse, AQHA Versatility, Heeling, and Ranch Sorting. “McStud” is also the hardest working and most trusted ranch horse around. He epitomizes the good attitude, talent, & versatility we all love in the American Quarter Horse. When I say heart of gold, that’s exactly what I mean. There is nothing he can’t or won’t do. Thick and strong, never taken a lame step. 2015 is his 1st foal crop, they are proving to be a pleasure to train just like poppa. We are crossing him on our larger AQHA foundation cow horse mares. This cross is coming out exactly as we hoped. The mares are amplifying the talent and ability of the stud and helping add great bone structure, strong feet, & even more heart. The foals are built right, talented, cowy, extremely smart, & trainable. 4 out of 5 of his 2015 foal crop have hit the show pen and it will be 5/5 soon. We could not be more thrilled with how well his 2017’s are breaking out and the 2019’s are as cute as can be. He is a hands down producer. Plenty of customer references for these young horses.

5 Panel N/N

Double Registered AQHA and FQHR (92.77%)

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BOB HES QUICK: 2014 AQHA Red Roan Stallion



Bob Hes Quick “Romeo” is a once in a lifetime horse for us. His stout, strong, correct conformation gives him the talent to do anything we put before him. From pasture roping on the ranch to the NRCHA show pen, we are always impressed. Cowy, smart, and full of try. Money/point earner in NRCHA and AQHA. As you can see from the pictures he is quite the mover. What you can’t see in the pictures is how great minded and smooth to ride he is. Romeo’s 1st foal crop arrived this Spring (2019) and wow we could not be happier (2019 foal pictures below). We bred him to a mix of mares, both foundation mares that were born and raised here and a couple more modern cow horse mares we use to show.

5 Panel N/N

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WHISKEY IN THE MILO: 2015 aQHA Buckskin Stallion

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Former Stallions

MR SKYDUSTER: 2002 AQHA Bay Roan Stallion

Click the picture for a slide show including papers

Click the picture for a slide show including papers

Mr Skyduster aka Sky is a fine example of what Foundation Quarter Horses should look and act like. He was a quiet & very talented prospect until an injury ended his career. However his get are making up for it. They are gorgeous, well built, talented, and very intelligent.

5 Panel N/N

AQHA & FQHR (95.71%) Registered

BERRY SKYFIRE 7616: 1996-2014 AQHA Bay Roan Stallion

Click the picture for a slide show including papers

Click the picture for a slide show including papers

Jason bought “Berry” as a weanling from the famed Krebs Quarter Horses of Scott City, KS. He worked his life on the Perry Cattle Ranch and was an exemplary rope horse. He was tough, talented, and worked all day without complaint. He is the sire of many PQH broodmares.

Standing at 15.3h. his size and stature ended up being a wonderful asset to our broodmare band. His get are much like him in build, attitude, talent, and color. Jason has shown many of them in roping, reining, versatility, sorting, penning, and ranch rodeos, with lots of success. 99.42% Foundation!!!

Double registered FQHR and AQHA.


2019 Foal Crop

Cats Royal Boon & Bob Hes Quick

We don’t just breed horses, we build dreams….